On 13th September 2009 I bought a ‘Bumble Bee’ Valkyrie from Midlands Super Bikes in Market Harborough in England. It was in a sad state having been allowed to deteriorate over the years but nothing that couldn’t be corrected. Negotiations commenced on the price for the bike and I managed to buy it for a very reasonable price.

My Valkyrie was first registered in Chicago, USA in October 1996. Very soon afterwards it was shipped to the UK and owned by someone in London from June of 1997 to July 1998 when it was sold to someone in Folkestone in Kent. As this is by the sea I suspect that this is where the deterioration in the chrome and paintwork has come from. It was then sold / part exchanged with Midlands Superbikes sometime in 2008 /9 and I then bought it in September 2009.

This website details the delivery of the bike to my home in Spain and the subsequent stripping and rebuilding of my Valkyrie.