Feb 132010

Monday: Pouring with rain today so nothing done.

Tuesday: Spent the morning in the workshop, tidying up and sorting out connectors bolts etc for this afternoons work. I fitted new throttle cables, finished doing the desmog (fitted the capping covers between the exhausts), fitted the electric fuel shut off valve, fitted the replacement carburettor chrome diaphragm covers and replaced the mounting screws with stainless Allen headed bolts. Replaced the camshaft covers with the new polished covers and fitted the pipes to the Progressive air shock absorbers. The pistons finally arrived for the front calliper in to-days post so I can now rebuild the front left calliper.

Thursday: The spotlight brackets for the engine bars arrived yesterday from Kury in the US, brilliant service 6 days from order to delivery. Today I rebuilt the left front calliper and then started cleaning and painting the chipped black paint on the frame and I also painted the inside of the rear mudguard. I gave all these parts two coats of smooth black Hammerite and they now look great. I raised the bike right up in the air so that I could do the painting easily and as a result I found that most of the paint had gone from underneath the final drive housing. It looks like I will have to remove this to repaint it properly. I decided to re-paint the radiator and so I removed it from the bike and then I found that the entire top of the cam belt cover is badly corroded with all the chrome pealing off.  So that is another piece for replating. I keep on finding more that needs doing rather than less.

Friday: Didn’t have much time today so all I did was to clean and respray the radiator.

Saturday: Wet and cold so nothing done.

Sunday: Valentines day so no work allowed taking SWMBO out for lunch.