Feb 272010

Last week nothing much was done due to heavy rain virtually all week and there was no way I was working in the car port in that. On Tuesday the headlight shell arrived from Big Mike from the VRCC board in the US. To say I am pleased is an understatement, the shell is perfect and looks brand new. I chased the fork re-build and was promised them for Monday. On Saturday I got the drivers backrest back from Dawn after she re-covered it for me and spent about an hour making a template and then fitting the new studs to it to match the rest of the seats. It looks perfect now.

Monday: During the day I just did some cleaning and tidying and also did the diode modification to the indicator warning light to make it brighter recommended by Chet on his web page. In the afternoon I went to collect the forks, only one was completed the second was on the bench. Both promised for Tuesday morning.

Tuesday: In the morning I went and collected the forks all done at last and they cost me 30€ so that was much cheaper than buying the special tool but it did take 7 weeks for him to do them! I then made up a tool for the triple tree bolt. I cut all the steel and took it to a local welder. It will be ready for collection on Wednesday. I rang the chrome platers and polishers and have made an appointment for Thursday to take all the pieces to him.

Wednesday: I collected the triple tree tool and then spent the rest of the day doing other non Valk things. Early evening I loaded the car ready to set off for the chromers in the morning.

Thursday: A friend Eddie came round to go with me to the chromers. It was a good hours drive away on the outskirts of Alicante. We had a little bit of a problem finding the actual location but after driving past twice we eventually found it. He looked at the cam belt cover and said that it would be very expensive to polish and re-chrome it, after stripping some of the peeling chrome away he declared it to be aluminium and that he could polish it and that it would look as good if not better than having it chromed. The estimate for polishing the forks and the cam cover is 55€ and the same for each of the wheels including removing and refitting the tyres. The kick stand will be about 40€ for re-chroming. His estimate for re-chroming the triple exhaust tips , the three windscreen brackets and the front mudguard chrome trim was 250€ and so I decided to not have those done. I have a set of perfect standard exhaust tips, I don’t like windscreens and I can do without the mudguard trim so that will do for now. I may take them back to the UK with me next time that I go and get a price over there as it may be cheaper. He has promised that they will all be ready for collection in a couple of weeks, hopefully it won’t be as long as the forks.

The propstand I hope that it looks better when it comes back.

After a late lunch in the sun with Eddie I found that the VRCC Espana website was down with a corrupt database. I then spent the rest of the afternoon fixing the site and have still to recover the photo gallery if I can.

Friday: The postman delivered a 52mm chrome instrument pod that I bought off eBay that I am going to use to house my auxiliary switches etc. All I need to do now is get some black perspex to block in the front to use as the mounting for the switches etc.