Mar 062010

On the home straight now as I am starting to put more back on my Bumble Bee than I am taking off.

Monday: I started by refitting the radiator and actually fitting a second bottom mounting nut as it was missing when I removed the radiator. I fitted the end plates, new grill and the new radiator cap. I haven’t re-filled the system yet as I don’t want the bottom hose in the way when I refit the cam belt cover when I get it back from the polisher. I then refitted the triple trees. What a pain in the a.. job that was trying to get the lock nut lined up with the tab washer without moving the bottom nut and affecting the preload. After about 15 attempts I finally got it on and locked in place. I refitted the headlight shell and also fitted the remaining screws in the carburettor covers after I had shortened them. I also had a poke around in the wiring and re-routed the alarm wires so that tomorrow I can fit the auxiliary fuse box and do the additional wiring that I need. Hopefully the weather forecast for the rain for the rest of the week is wrong.

Tuesday: Ran conduit up inside the frame for the additional wiring. I fitted the auxiliary fuse box that I got from the breakers yard in the UK. It is a two mini blade fuse box off a trials type of bike. I found that the side of this new fuse box had a dovetail groove on it that matched the dovetail on the stock fuse box and so the two are slotted together. I disconnected the single fuse that had been previously fitted for the alarm. One of the new fuses is permanently live for the alarm and the hazard lights (4 way flashers) that I am going to fit and the other switched with the ignition fuse is for the auxiliary socket that I fitted to the headstock neck on the left side and also to feed the electric shut-off valve for the fuel that I fitted. I fitted a new flasher unit as I have replaced the bulbs with LED’s so I don’t have to fit ballast resistors and I fitted another flasher unit for the hazard lights. I tidied up the alarm wires. I refitted the speedo and rev counter. I removed the final drive unit for re-painting and then it started to rain so I called it a day. That could be it if the forecast is right for the rest of this week.

Wednesday – Friday: Nothing done due to the weather and other commitments.

Saturday: I made a mounting plate for the auxiliary switches that I am fitting to the chrome pod that I have bought and drilled it for the switches. I just need to buy a couple of small brackets to fit it to the pod, that’s a job for next week. I then cleaned and rubbed down the rear drive casing and re-sprayed it so that will be ready to go back on when the paint has dried and the rain stopped. That’s it for this week, if I am lucky the polishing and chroming may be ready for collection late next week.