Mar 192010

Monday: Started the week off well raining, wet and cold so there was no way I could work in the car-port today. I did some more work on the final drive, another coat of paint and cleaned the large black seal that bolts around the outside of the drive unit. When I removed the drive I found that the four bolts came undone and took the studs with them. I was unable to get the nuts off the studs so this afternoon I ordered new studs and nuts and the clevis pin for the rear brakes from the local bike shop. Hopefully they should all be here this week. I then did some more work on the switch housing for the auxiliary switches. I managed to snap a 4mm tap as I was trying to tap the holes in the brackets that I had made up to hold the faceplate in the housing. I now need to replace the tap but I have now made two new brackets in aluminium rather than steel. I have also found some 3mm pan head bolts so I can frill and tap these new brackets for the smaller bolts. I also polished the filler nut on the drive housing and fitted a new vent cap as the old one was rusty and pitted.

Due to the bad weather and the lack of anything I can do until the parts come back from plating and polishing that was it for this week.