Apr 242010

Monday: I sorted out the no left rear indicator it was an unplugged cable under the right side panel. I adjusted the foot brake light switch and now that is not on all the time. I fitted the right side transmission cover and the left and right side frame covers that I got from Andy in Germany. I definitely need to get a left side cover too. I fitted the side covers being careful not to break the tabs. I fitted a bracket to hold the air shock top up connector under the seat and I fitted the drivers back rest. Only got the auxiliary wiring to do in the headlight now and to fit the starter saver relay in the head light.

Tuesday: Fitted the auxiliary switch panel to the handlebars. I finished the wiring for the starter saver relay and fitted that inside the headlight shell. Wired the hazards lights and spot light circuitry up inside the headlight. The hazards come on but don’t flash, this is probably my fault for fitting diodes that I didn’t need to to the switch. I need to remove these and try again. I fitted the headlamp. Checked all the wiring and other than the hazard light problem everything is working as it should. I just need to connect the led in the new switch panel to the alarm system as the location of the existing led is useless. The indicator warning light is nice and bright after doing the ‘rattlebars’ diode modification. I just need a bit of help to do the measuring to set up the air shocks and refit the saddlebags and everything is done. I can’t fit the spot lights until after I have had the bike tested as you are not allowed to have more than two front white lights on a bike, most cruisers have light bars fitted but they are removed for the biannual test. I have packaged up the triple exhaust tips and the windscreen mounts to take to the UK when I next go to see if I can get them chrome powder coated as they are too expensive to get re-chromed here.

Friday: I adjusted the gear lever as it was too close to the foot peg. I wired up the new LED warning light for the alarm so at least I can now see whether it is flashing or not. I removed the diodes from the hazard light wiring but just as I completed removing them it started to rain and so that put paid to any more trouble shooting for today.

Saturday: Checked out all the wiring for the hazard lights and everything is as it should be so I suspect that I have a faulty flasher unit. I fitted the saddlebags and adjusted the drivers back rest. I removed the extra reflectors from the swing arm mounts and I fitted the mounting brackets for the driving lights so that it will be a quick job to fit them once the bike has been inspected. Pumped up the air shocks and went for a little ride round the block and everything is fine. So that’s it just test and register and I am on the road.