Jun 032010

This will probably be my last post on this site. I have just been adding some more chrome and adding stiffeners to the leather saddlebags washing and polishing over the last few weeks as well as two trips away. Today I started the Spanish registration process which should hopefully be finished late next week with the issuing of the Spanish Registration plates. Over the last two days I have clocked up 50 miles (not a lot by ‘iron butt’ standards I know) but this is just to ensure that everything has settled down and there are no rattles or loose bits to worry about. To date nothing has caused a problem. I have added some photos that I took today to the ‘finished’ album.

If I can find another Valkyrie ‘wreck’ that needs restoration I have some different thoughts about how I would do a re-build next time that would be far more radical than this rebuild. So if you hear of a cheap Valkyrie restoration project please let me know.