Nov 222012

One of the things that I have never particularly liked about the Valkyrie is the “heavy” front mudguard.

I decided I wanted a smaller mudguard that was trimmed front and rear and in profile. The standard steel mudguard is fairly thin metal with a rolled outer edge. As a result I decided not to try and modify the standard steel mudguard. I bought a fibreglass replica mudguard from a company in the UK from eBay.

This fibreglass mudguard was very well made and finished with no flash lines.  The outside was finished in white gel-coat and the inside was  matt black. There were captive nuts already fitted for the mounting points and brake line retaining clip. The holes for the fork shields were marked but not drilled.

A friend from my local bike club is an airbrush artist and I spoke with him about this project and getting some airbrushing done. He readily agreed to help and in fact he ended up doing all the trimming of the fibreglass, the painting in standard colours, pin striping and airbrushing. My thanks to Cliff of CJ Creations for all his hard work.

The first job was to mark the original mudguard where I wanted it cut. This we did with some red tape.

The fibreglass mudguard was then trimmed to match this shape.

It was then painted standard ‘Bumble Bee’ colours

Then pin-striped by hand

Cliff then started the airbrushing first masking the mudguard and putting the black and grey paint

He then started adding colour and nearly finished

Finished with the flames and ghosting added and ready for fitting

Mounted and ready for use.

The Dragon (Not the best photo as it is difficult due to the high gloss and reflections I will try and get a better one.)

My thanks once again to Cliff for his superb airbrushing.