Feb 082010

Monday: I decided to strip down and clean the pistons on the front brake callipers as they had some dirt and light rust around the exposed edge of the pistons. I popped the pistons pout easily with my airline from the right calliper and cleaned them with some 1500 paper and then a polish with some white diamond. Smothered them in new fluid and the popped in easily. The left calliper was a different matter, the pistons were seized in place and would not move. I couldn’t rotate them or pop them out even with 120psi. Eventually I decided as they were seized I would take them out with a grip wrench and replace them. They eventually came out but obviously I damaged them removing them, I found some quite deep rusting that had held them in the calliper. The calliper itself is fine. I have ordered two new pistons and seals and they should be here later in the week. I then went on and cleaned all the grease and rubbish off the air cleaner housing and also the front brake pipes and I repainted the cross over pipe unions.

A busy rest of the week doing other things and the rain prevented me working on the bike for the only day I had free. Hopefully no rain next week and I will get more done.